Home Poker Tournaments – Part Two

So you enjoyed playing poker at a friend’s house. We got a little list from him that played tournaments all the time, and they had a pretty good list of rules that you could follow to make sure you were getting the most out of your home poker game. There was one tournament that was being played that night and there was a US$100/$200 field. I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical about the set up when I saw that the buy-in was far higher than I’m used to seeing.

Also, the reason why my friend list was getting out of hand was because he had purchased poker DVDs for each of us and we had plenty of money sitting around. We had started watching poker on the Travel Channel, and while there were some tournaments that we did not watch, there were a lot of tournaments that we were in fact, watching! I soon realized that we had been reviewing the wrong tournaments, and were catching the indicative errors.

We caught ourselves playing poker on Tuesday, and so we caught our tournament on Wednesday. I had been struggling with all of the “what if’s” in the back half of the tournament. I finally caught my game and began to get aggressive after about 15 minutes of play. My opponent in the finals was a player that I had exchanged numerous messages with and gotten similar advice from them. They were in fact, setting up their game for a final pot that they were going to get.

My opponent was aggressive in the final hand, but not overly so. He was BUSY. He vainly used his chip stack to try and scare the other players into folding because he knew that he had them beat, but not so badly that they could not withstand his bet. In saying that, if a player is being overly aggressive in the middle section of the tournament, then they are making a mistake. You need to get inside their head and empathize with them. If you can’t put fear into their mind, then you shouldn’t try to put fear into their game.

My tips to improving your home poker tournament poker strategy include, but are not limited to, the following:

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to try out a new strategy if it seems to be working for you. home poker tournament poker strategyis the tournament poker strategy that you should develop over time. Sometimes the best poker strategy is not only the first or second hand of the tournament. Sometimes, the strategy that you develop over the first few rounds is the best until the end. There is a saying that the game of Poker is all about small edges. I believe that a good fortune is often related to a bad hand. bad luck, not to mention bad play, can overcome even the best of poker players.

Keep your ego in check.

Adjust your home poker tournament poker strategy to fit your personality.

Know when to get out or start playing.

Know when you are beat and just how beat.