How to Play Tight Poker


Poker is a game of many things. But getting to the top of the game poker definitely has to be the #1 priority for any online poker player. Playing successfully in this game requires the player to have tried-and-tested tight poker. However, playing tight poker is easier said than done as you have tons of competitors and knowing when to play loose and when to play tight is certainly an art to master. In this article, let me share with you some tips on how to play bola 88 tight poker.

  1. Understand the basics. Starting hand requirements are important as well as chip management. Be sure to know the difference between a full house and a flush when it comes to playing for top prize. You don’t want to get into a pot with a hand like 8-3 off suit, do you? All this means is that the hand is likely to be nothing but a series of NL cards, especially in face-offs.
  2. Texas Hold’em is not the only game where you need to tighten up. Take note of your opponents, read their bankroll, and understand when you can bluff and when you must be tight.
  3. Know your position. This is probably the most important poker skill on how to play tight. Whenever you are at a table, you want to hold your seat-warfare asyst to yourself and to your opponents. Tight poker is almost a requirement, despite the fact that some choose not to.
  4. Don’t bluff just because you can. You should bluff against a opponent who can give you and edge, but you should also bluff in position.
  5. Learn the maths. Surely, no poker player would choose toof in the knowledge that they will lose their money. Know the pot odds and your winnings per hour increase in correlation with your tight play.
  6. Leverage your stack. Know how to play AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, and AK. Position is powerful when it comes to these hands.
  7. Position is still the most important thing to consider when playing, but take it into consideration in your preflop strategy.
  8. If you have been playing too tight, loosen up a little. If you have been playing too wild, loosen up a little. Even if you are playing in the smaller buyin tournaments, you want to play in a more standard manner.

Lay these tips and tricks out there like a map and you will drive your opponents crazy. Make them wonder if you wish to play loose or tight, aggressive or passive. When you are playing tight, you will be extremely hard to beat, unless you get incredibly lucky. However, you can play loose as well, and when you switch back to being tight, you will have a better grasp on the game, and the players that are currently in the tournament.

Don’t let the other players push you around (unless you have premium hands). Let them push each other out of the game when you have premium hands.