Blackjack Doubling Down Blackjack

Blackjack Doubling Down Blackjack

The basic idea of the blackjack doubling down system is to double down on your more valuable cards. You will be dealt two cards and you have 1.5 times the value of your first card. The dealer receives one card and has 0.5 value. So you have effectively 2 cards but only the benefit of the 0.5 card.

The blackjack doubling down system is designed to allow you to more easily defeat the house and it has some built in advantages to help you win. It is certainly not a 100% guaranteed way to win but it will significantly reduce the house edge.

It also has a few small built in disadvantages. The biggest problem it that you will lose your money if you have a very low card value. That is because the dealer has to hit on any hand worth 10 although he is not obliged to draw another card. Therefore a hand with any card value from 12 all the way to 20 is not a hand you want to get involved with. The other disadvantage is that you only get one card if you request to double down. This can be favourable if you have high cards in the belief that you are not beaten so far.

Assuming you have a value of 25 you could make an aggressive double down bet on the dealer’s hand. If you have higher cards than the dealer you can consider taking the bet back.

If you have lower cards in your hand you can be more selective in your doubling down bets. This is because you are hoping to get a little more money on the table. You can also choose not to double down when the dealer’s up card has a value lower than yours.

So far we have looked at a single deck of cards and have calculated the house edge. We also assumed that you can’t double down when you have a tie and that there isn’t an ace. We have also calculated the best you can do in these circumstances is to get a nine and have your opponent double down.

On the other hand we have considered a single deck of cards and we know that you can’t get more money on the table when you have a high card. We also know that if there is an ace that we are slightly better than the dealer at the time of the hand – we have found a greater probability for receiving an ace compared to our opponents.

Combining these probabilities we have calculated that the best we can be expected to do is have a slightly better than half of our cards as a two pair. Therefore a two pair is the highest we can achieve. This doesn’t mean we should constantly raise our bets. Phil Helmuth, in Play Blackjack Like the Pros, discusses the issues of making substantial decisions when playing low pairs and high cards. We have a lot to consider but haven’t quite worked out the optimal solution.

Since our cards are bound to be less than average the house edge seems to be about 11%, which is not too bad. However some Las Vegas casino’s still offer a blackjack bonus, making your purchase even cheaper.

For online play we have split our hands up into 3 equal parts. When playing blackjack we play 2 cards against the dealer two cards against each other. For the dealer we treat blackjack as though it were a normal hand, and for each of the other players we adjust our bet.

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